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Personal Financial Counselor

The resiliency center has employed a full-time personal financial counselor to assist Airmen with their financial readiness.

The PFC's Corner

  • The PFC’s Corner – November

    BLT, PB&J, REUBEN, HOAGIE? Did the title about food grab your attention? I was told that an offer of food would garner members’ interest so, did it work? Maybe you have heard the term “sandwich” used in a financial sense when referencing a generation that is taking care of (or making preparations to care for) elderly parents and simultaneously supporting children, school-aged or adult.
  • The PFC’s Corner – October

    It’s the 4th Quarter, Time to Win the Game! The “game” that I am speaking of, for sure, is the “Money Game”. Whether we want to play or not, regardless of our education, knowledge or experiences, “money” is the way our economy works.
  • The PFC’s Corner – September

    We are all inundated with commercial claims about “free credit scores” and credit offerings. “What’s in Your Wallet?” has just about run its course with me, how about you?
  • The PFC’s Corner – August

    Welcome to the inaugural publication of The PFC’s (personal financial counselor) Corner!


Randy Gerard
Personal Financial Counselor
Office: 816-236-3939
Mobile: 573-415-6934