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139th Resiliency Center

The 139th Resiliency Center is made up of the Chaplain, Airman & Family Readiness Program, Director of Psychological Health, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Coordinator, Personal Financial Counselor, and a Military and Family Life Counselor. The center exists to provide Airmen resources to promote their resiliency in the face of stressors of military life. The center is co-located with the dining facility.

military & family life counselor

Members can make an appointment to see our military & family life counselor by email at 139awmflc@gmail.com or phone at 816-341-6710.

The counselor provides free, non-medical, confidential, no record, private counseling to service members and families. This includes someone who may be having relationship issues, coping with life changes such as DUI, divorce, parenting and grief or loss. They can meet with transitioning services members who may be retiring and for 180 days after retirement to assist with any transitions that may occur. They also work with children on anxiety, life stressors and relationships.


Resiliency Center: 816-236-3939