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Please complete the Eligibility Worksheet and email 139.AW.Recruiting@us.af.mil it or fax it 1-816-901-9538 to your recruiter.  You will need to gather your Driver’s License, SSN card, Birth Certificate, proof of educational level (i.e. diploma) and all medical documentation for any “yes” answers on the Eligibility Worksheet and bring them to your first appointment.

  • During your first appointment your recruiter will discuss the Air Guard and answer all of your questions.  Your family is encouraged to attend and ask questions.  If you are eligible to continue processing you will discuss going to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS).    
  • At MEPS you will take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) and will go through a mental and physical screening.  
  • ASVAB study website:  https://www.4tests.com/asvab & https://www.asvabtestbank.com/ & http://official-asvab.com/prepare_app.htm

Once you are released from MEPS you will meet with your recruiter and give them your MEPS results and receive your Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) or job list. You will select the 2 or 3 AFSC’s that are most interesting and set up a day to visit the jobs and enlist into the Air Guard.

  • Day of Enlistment is the start of your contract with the Air Guard.  Invite your family and friends!  https://www.airforce.com/mission/vision
  • You will start attending Regularly Scheduled Drill (RSD’s) otherwise known as drill weekend with Student Flight.  You will be assigned to Student Flight until you leave for Basic Military Training (BMT).
  • Start preparing for Basic Training
  • Physical Fitness Standards: http://www.airforce-pt.com/
  • Airman’s Creed: https://youtu.be/bgkyo_s7uck
  • Attend Basic Military Training (BMT) within 365 days of enlisting.  http://www.basictraining.af.mil/https://www.airforce.com/education/military-training/bmt
  • Attend Air Force Basic Technical Training (BATT) which varies in length depending on your AFSC. While in training you will get in-depth comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience using some of the most modern, sophisticated equipment in the world.
  • Return home and start or resume college, civilian employment                                           

Prior Service – contact us regarding eligibility and age requirements.

SF 180 to obtain VA records:



Experience: Being a member of the Air Guard allows you to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself.  Through your experiences with the Air Guard you will build a resume that will separate you from your peers.  It will also allow you to build relationships that can help your civilian employment opportunities.

-Up to 100% Tuition Assistance to a Missouri University - education benefit of up to $10,771.80 / year.

-Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve - education benefit of up to $13,284.00  - www.benefits.va.gov/gibill/mgib_sr.asp

-Montgomery GI Bill Kicker ($350.00 / month) - education benefit of up to $12,600.00.  (Authorized if you enlist into a specific career field.)

-Community College of the Air Force - Automatic enrollment into the CCAF which is the world's largest community college system.  Awards applied science degrees from 68 degree programs. www.airuniversity.af.mil/Barnes/CCAF

-Tricare Reserve Select - Ability to purchase comprehensive health care coverage through Tricare Reserve Select. www.tricare.mil/TRS

-Tricare Dental - Ability to purchase dental insurance through Tricare Dental. www.tricare.mil/CoveredServices/Dental/NGRDental

-Monthly pay check.

-Technical Training - similar to a civilian vocational technical school.

-Leadership Training - minimum 3 leadership courses offered throughout your military career.

-Service Members Group Life Insurance - available low cost term life insurance coverage www.benefits.va.gov/insurance/sgli.asp

-State Sponsored Life Insurance - available low cost life insurance available www.ssli.org/index.html

-Eligible to enroll in the Thrift Savings Plan which is a retirement savings and investment plan for members of the uniformed service. www.tsp.gov

-Use of Moral Welfare and Recreation facilities

-Eligible for a VA home loan after 6 years of satisfactory service. www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans

-Eligible for a military retirement after 20 satisfactory years.

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