I Chose a Family - A Place to Belong

  • Published
  • By Maj. Melanie Englert
  • 139th Airlift Wing
I came to visit the 139th Airlift Wing in December of 2012, just to see if I would fit. Surprised was an understatement!  My misconceptions were displaced in a matter of moments; these folks were friendly and greeted me with enthusiasm. They took me around and showed me why the 139th AW is the best secret in the Midwest, arguably the Air Guard. 

Months later I was officially released by the Air Force Reserves and reported for my first Guard drill weekend, and what a weekend it was.  First, a physical fitness test, followed by many meetings, then one of my Airmen got married. We also attended the dinner hosted by the Junior Enlisted Council.  Truly a great showing of how the 139th works together and makes things happen, not simply completing the task but completing with excellence.

Now with two years as a member of the unit I make it my mission to ensure I take care of my shop, my friends, my fellow Airmen. I began my military career for the educational benefits, served 5 years active duty and 5 more years in the Reserves. From now on here is home for me; I chose a family.  Yes, and like any family we have our pains and that one crazy uncle...and if you don't know who that one crazy uncle is...it's probably you.