139th News

The Triple C: Consistent, Continual, Compliance Vol 1.5

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Eric Rawlings
  • 139th Inspector General Office

As everyone knows by now (I Hope!) our CAPSTONE event is less than two months out. Why is it called a capstone you ask, well it's the final achievement in the culmination of the inspection period, which is the 48-60 month cycle, called the UEI. Being a new process we did not get the full 48-60 months. What you can expect to take place during the CAPSTONE? For the most part, just your daily work activities. Sure your going to see several unfamiliar faces walking around, so please extend them the proper Customs & Courtesies, but they expect you to go about your normal daily activities. Granted, if you manage a program or certain offices, you are more than likely going to get paid a visit. You may be selected to participate in a group or individual interview session with the IG. They will ask a few questions on various topics, please be open and honest. There also may be some Task Evaluations that some of you may be selected to conduct. The IG will gather all the data found and use a 5 Tier Grading Scale. Outstanding, Highly Effective, Effective, Marginally Effective and Ineffective. Each of the 4 MGA's will be assigned one of these grades. If one area is found to be Ineffective, we will be paid a visit again within a year from the IG Team. I don't see this to be a problem since we are the best at what we do. Achieving Highly Effective or higher in all areas is certainly within our grasp. Keep up the hard work and we will once again be validated as the best ANG Wing in the country. Thanks for all you do!

By-Law Inspections

The 139th /IG just completed another By -Law Inspection a few weeks ago. We have been asked what a 'By-law' is, what does it mean, and what happens if we are not compliant? A By-Law requirement is any inspection requirement directed from above the Air Force level (e.g. DoD, Presidential order, or Public Law); a By- Law inspection normally requires a report submitted by the inspecting agency to the higher-than-AF authority or to SAF/ IG for compilation into a single report and further upchanneling. So as you can see, these requirements are very important to maintain compliance due to the high visibility they receive. We did find some deficient, but fixable, issues with the Personnel Accountability program that'll be addressed soon.

MICT Madness

What can we say about MICT? Some of you may be using it as a four letter word that would make some of us seasoned veterans blush. But I can say, despite the growing pains we have been going thru, it is truly having a positive effect on the Wing. You may wonder how? On a daily basis, the IG office is witnessing the continuous improvement of process's, programs, and identifying areas that have lacked the needed attention they deserved that are now being addressed. The work you are putting in now will pay huge dividends for you and your successors in the future. What we are aggressively watching in the IG Office is Checklist overload. Before any checklist is assigned, we want to make sure that either 1. it's a requirement either by regulation or mandated from your FAM or 2. Your Commander deems it important enough to help keep your area in compliance. At the end of August we will conduct the second Wing-Wide MICT Self- Assessment. Trust us, we know that some of you may have recently been assigned a new checklist or a changed checklist. Try to make every effort to complete these and have them current. Thank you!


Group CAP POC's and deficiency OPR's! Keep tracking those deficiencies in IGEMS all the way thru to their close out. Remember you can track them via IGEMS or the IGEMS Deficiency Tracker the IG Office has on the IG Sharepoint. We don't want any deficiency sitting idle if we can help it.