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Spotlight on Airmen: Airfield Systems Specialist

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Name: Airman 1st Class Jonathan Redd

Job: Airfield Systems Specialist

Unit: 241st Air Traffic Control Squadron

Why did you join the Air National Guard?

I joined for the educational benefits, but now that I'm in, I've had so many doors open and my personal development has grown by leaps and bounds.

What do you like best about your job?

All the technical training I've received. In this line of work, I could potentiality get a job in electrical.

Getting to play with some pretty sweet toys. Not many people get to work with equipment like this. I never knew it existed until I joined.

I like that it feels like a family around here.

Right now we're preparing for an inspection we have in the Spring. We'll use our mobile air traffic control tower, mobile radar, and tactical air navigation system (TACAN).