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Howie Named 241st ATC Commander

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Randy Parlett
  • 139th Airlfit Wing
Captain John Howie assumed command of the 241st Air Traffic Control Squadron of the Missouri Air National Guard in ceremonies January tenth at the unit's Rosecrans location. (Watch Video Here)

Howie, the former deputy unit commander, becomes the unit's third commander. The assumption of command ceremony featured the unit's flag being presented to Howie by Colonel Ralph Schwader, 139th Operations Group commander. The military ceremony was witnessed by members of the 241st as well as Brigadier General Craig McCord, Chief of Staff of the Missouri Air National Guard and a former 241st commander. "The 241st has been through a heckuva' lot and assuming command is a humbling experience," said McCord. "Command is a privilege and with that privilege come obligations. Your job is to make sure the 241st reputation continues."

Howie is one of ten guard air traffic control squadron commanders in the nation. "I'm very honored to command this unit, one of the premier units in the nation," said Howie. "But the reason we continue the tradition of excellence is because of the hard work and dedication of our members."

Howie joined the Missouri Air National Guard in 1993 and transferred with the 241st to St. Joseph, Missouri in 1997. He has deployed in support of several operations including Joint Forge, Joint Guard, Kosovo campaign, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has deployed twice as an Airfield Operations Flight Officer and Director of Operations for Operations Support Squadrons in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.