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Chaplain’s Corner, What is your IQ?

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  • By Chaplain (Capt.) Andrew Forester
  • 139AW
Intelligence testing became popular in the early 1900's as a way of determining standards of knowledge in childhood. The result of the test developed is known as the "Intelligence Quotient" or IQ. By the 1970's the frequently used intelligence test simply became known as the IQ test. Apart from the problems associated with defining what abilities qualify as "intelligence," there is the additional complication of trying to figure out where it comes from. Is it genetic, or is it nurtured through rigorous academic training?

In the Air Force, when we look at the bottom line, intelligence is not the primary value we esteem. As Airmen, we value Integrity First. So let's look at the same question from a different angle: What is your IQ? What is your Integrity Quotient? If you were going to give yourself a score, how would you rate yourself?

Of course, this is very difficult to quantify. Even if we could measure it scientifically, could we really get a specific number? Probably not. But each person knows this in their heart. A good starting point for evaluating your "Air Force IQ" is to ask the question, "How closely do my attitudes match my actions?" Do I treat my family as nicely as I treat my co-workers and superiors? Do I frequently intend to do things but rarely follow through?

Integrity is intending to do the right and best thing and then actually doing what you say you intend to do. It is one thing to simply intend to do the right thing and never get around to it. That is not acting with integrity. If we intend to do the right thing, the good intention must be matched by the determination to actually do it! Likewise, if we do the right thing, but harbor a negative attitude while doing it, that is also not acting with full integrity either. We must continually examine our intentions and motives to make sure they match our actions. When our intention to do the right thing completely matches our right actions, we have hit the integrity bull's-eye!

Do you have a situation in your life where you are wondering about what is the best thing? Let the Chaplain's office help you talk through the issue. Anything you share with a Chaplain will be held in confidence. Let us help you with your IQ.