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Blue Angels, other top acts booked for Airshow

  • Published
  • By Maj. Brian Bowman
  • 139th Airlift Wing
The Navy Blue Angels will headline the 2010 Airshow May 1-2 here at Rosecrans.
Several other acts are already confirmed and several more are pending, said Chief Master Sgt. Michael Reinert of the 180th Airlift Squadron. Reinert is one of the key members of the 139th Airlift Wing's airshow team.

"It is the first time the Blue Angels have been here since the mid-1980s," Reinert said. "That in and of itself will make this a 'can't miss' event."

Reinert said that Kansas City, which hosts an annual airshow, is not having one in 2010.
"We expect a big turnout for this airshow," he said.

The airshow team, led by Lt. Col. Byron Newell, traveled to a special conference last December to meet with representatives of all manner of acts and to bid on their participation.

The trip has yielded an already impressive lineup. Confirmed are the following:

U.S. Navy "Leap Frog" parachute team

John Klatt Airshows (Klatt is also an Air National Guard member)
Kyle and Amanda Franklin "Wing Walkers" act

Yonkin Airshows (Twin Beech aircraft)

B-25 "Miss Mitchell" Doolittle Raid Re-enactment

Neil Darnell "Flash Fire" jet trucks

Greg Pole ethanol-powered MX-2 mono aircraft
Japanese Zero "Tora 101"

F-4U Corsairs

AC-47 Gunships

Missouri Army and Air Guard "combined arms demonstration" with C-130, Blackhawk and Apache helicopters.

Other pending possibilities are a C-17 demonstration and an aircraft from Air Combat Command, either an F-22, A-10 or F-16.

Reinert also encouraged any families with special needs and any retirees to attend the practice for the airshow April 30, when there will be fewer people.

"We're looking forward to a great 2010 Airshow," he said.