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Halter assumes command of OSF

  • Published
  • By Maj. Brian Bowman
  • 139th Airlift Wing
Serving at Rosecrans is somewhat of a family affair for the Halters, so it came as no surprise that Lt. Col. Dave Halter spoke nearly exclusively about family as he assumed command of the 180th Operations Support Flight March 7.

"My wife, my daughters, my brothers, my mom and dad - they all have helped set my path," Halter said.

Halter's brother is 139th Maintenance Group commander Andy Halter, his daughter Mary is a senior airman here. Halter's father was a long-time Rosecrans Air Guardsmen as well.

Halter's wife Jennifer and daughters Barbara, Mary and Katie, as well as Col. Andy Halter, were all in attendance.

"I was engaged to my wife when I was commissioned," Dave Halter said. "Every TDY, every deployment, everything ... she's been there supporting me every step of the way."

Halter's fondness for his brother was also evident, as he described their sometimes animated conversations in the age old tussles between operators and maintainers.

"Somewhere along the line in those conversations," he said, "we usually can come to an agreement."

Dave Halter, who had been the Director of Operations for the 180th, is not shedding many day-to-day responsibilities in his new assignment.

"Dave keeps the train on the tracks for me," said Col. Ralph Schwader, the 139th Operations Group commander. "(He) is a terrific leader."

"Dave has special talents," echoed 139th Airlift Wing commander Col. Mike McEnulty. "Dave, you should be proud of those talents."

McEnulty said Halter "embodies" the Air Force core values.

Dave Halter came to Rosecrans after seven years on active duty, and has served in both the wing and at the Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center. He has flown operations on every continent in the world and commanded an 80-airman strong flying squadron in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.