139th News

Governor, TAG check-in on air show

  • Published
  • By Maj. Brian Bowman
  • 139th AW Public Affairs
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon and Brig. Gen. Stephen Danner, the Adjutant General of the Missouri National Guard, traveled by helicopter May 2 to kickoff the second day of The Sound of Speed Air Show.

The state's commander in chief was on hand as U.S. Navy "Leapfrog" parachute team brought in the American flag from thousands of feet up, kicking off a second spectacular day of fun and flying.

After he addressed the crowd, Gov. Nixon described why he made it a point of attending.

"Here they see the best of America," he said of the air show attendees. "Here they see the cutting edge planes, but also the history of our country with the World War II aircraft."
Gov. Nixon is well aware of the sacrifices of the Missouri Guardsmen he commands.
"We have over 1,400 Guardsmen in theater," he said. "And right here at this unit (the 139th Airlift Wing) we are getting ready to send more.

"What impresses me is how seamless the Army and Air Force work together. I was in Iraq and Afghanistan ... the way they work together is seamless."

Danner agreed with the Governor's assessment of the Missouri National Guard's "jointness."

"We are fully integrated," he said. "I just really appreciate the work (Missouri National Guardsmen) do every day. I appreciate their sacrifice and the sacrifice of those who support them."

The pair had the opportunity to check out the F-18s of the United States Navy Blue Angels.

The Missouri Air Guard's top-ranking Airmen, Brig. Gens. Steve Cotter and John Owen, as well 139th Airlift Wing commander Col. Mike McEnulty and Congressman Rep. Sam Graves, were on hand to greet the official party from Jefferson City.