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AATTC NCO named AMC’s top Intel instructor

  • Published
  • By Maj. Brian Bowman
  • 139th AW
Master Sgt. Brian Little, an instructor for the Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center, was recently named Air Mobility Command's Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Enlisted Instructor of the Year for 2009.

Little won the award for his efforts in revamping intelligence courses he and others teach aircrew at the AATTC, as the Intel world as a whole is experiencing a transformation.

"We are trying to - as an intelligence community - get away from the Intel of the past where we would tell you (in a briefing) everything that has happened in the past 24 hours," Little said. "In this day and age, the commander could get the same information from watching CNN.

"We're now taking the data and establishing trends and being more predictive in nature."
Little was instrumental in overhauling the AATTC's intel course syllabus and training blocks. A respected instructor who has received 100 percent "outstanding" on student feedback forms, Little said the course is being embraced by the aircrews that migrate through the AATTC.

"Our biggest challenge ... is actually changing the mindset of the aircrews in terms of what Intel can provide to them," Little said. "Once they see that we can actually help predict what might happen instead of just delivering 'CNN' news, they are extremely receptive to the new approach."

Little said he has his "dream job."

"I love to teach and I love intelligence," he said. "What more could you want?"