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241st Air Traffic Control Squadron

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Michael Crane
  • 139th Airlift Wing
Four individuals from the 241st Air Traffic Control Squadron received Air National Guard Airfield Operations awards this month. Each award is for an individual specialty and reflects efforts stemming from 2010. This first competition encompassed the entire Air National guard. Now, for these winners, it's on to the Air Force wide competition to compete against their active duty counterparts.

Senior Master Sgt. Letitia Whitaker won the Air Traffic Control Enlisted Manager of the Year award.

Cindy Caughlan won the Air Traffic Control Training Achievement award.
Master Sgt. Kenneth Carldwell won the Terminal Enroute Procedures Specialist of the Year award.

Master Sgt. Lora Acklin won the Randall D. Headrick Special Achievement award.
Tech Sgt. Michael Mitchell, 139th Operations Support Flight, won the Airfield Management NCO award.

"It was an individual award, but a team effort," said Carldwell, who works in air traffic procedures. "It's good for the squadron for someone to win this award."

Carldwell also credits winning the award to the many opportunities he had to do his job, everything from OREs and ORIs to last year's air show and deployments.

"There's highway systems, and airway systems...Someone has to determine if where you're flying is safe, and that's what we (TERPS) do," he said.

"I'm proud of them all," said Maj. John Howie, 241st ATCS commander. "Our folks do an outstanding job of representing the unit at a national level."

The 2010 Air National Guard Airfield Operations Awards are given out annually to airmen who distinguish themselves in airfield operations.