139th News

Rosecrans cites energy efficiency practices

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Mike R. Smith
  • By 139th Airlift Wing
Residents at Rosecrans Air National Guard Base here can be proud of their energy efficiency, said regional and local officials after an informal energy appraisal.

A newly assigned efficiency manager for the state recently toured the base to learn about its energy program and provide recommendations.

"He was pretty impressed and told us that we had done a lot," said 2nd Lt. Michael Beam, deputy base civil engineer. "With the energy projects that we completed on base, he said we nearly cut our energy use in half."

Beam was also told that Rosecrans's utilities cost much less than other C-130 bases, which spend on average $100 thousand a month.

"Our utilities normally cost around $30 thousand a month," said Beam. "But we've not been through this hot summer yet, so I'm not sure what we will average this year."

Cheaper energy in the Midwest along with the base's efficient systems is a main reason for the substantial difference.

Beam said base managers took advantage of past energy initiatives and funds from the government to add solar power here as well as upgrade lighting and HVAC.

Rosecrans uses solar systems in seven of its buildings, which produce enough energy to power 542 homes a month, or about 15 homes a year. That number will increase when solar power is added to the firehouse currently under construction. Other substantial savers include auto-adjust lighting in the aircraft hangers.

"The hard work is now paying off," said Beam. "We're definitely saving energy."

As far as the base's energy culture, Beam says Airmen are pretty mindful of turning off the lights too.

"Most realize that we need to conserve energy, that we are stewards for the taxpayer," he said. "And the biggest thing is those lights; they use a lot."