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Coping with Financial Issues of COVID-19 - #37

  • Published
  • By Randy Gerard
  • 139th Airlift Wing

Financial Readiness Conveys Financial Security

Financial readiness plays an important role in your military career including maintaining your security clearance, supporting your family while you are deployed and ensuring you can stay focused on the mission. It also helps you live your best life as a member of the military community today and enjoy retirement in the future. You’ll have opportunities to map out your road to financial security through financial training at regular intervals, or touchpoints, throughout your military journey. Take a look at the path ahead with this infographic, which illustrates the Road to Financial Readiness and previews key opportunities for smart financial decisions.  For more information, use this link:


Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

While identity theft can happen to anyone, the military community is often a target. In 2018, military consumers filed 28,651 reports of identity theft with the Federal Trade Commission. The reported losses totaled $103 million, which came out to a median loss per service member of $800.

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