139th News

Prayer for health and well-being

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Thomas Ludwig, Chaplain
  • 139th Airlift Wing

The corona virus has us worried and is keeping everyone closer to home as you might expect.  It has brought the country to its knees figuratively and literally.  The stock market, the sports venues (March Madness has taken on a completely different meaning), travel, schools, and churches are deeply impacted.  Stock markets may crash and sports empires may crumble, but those who put their faith in God will abound. As we all continue to see this evolve maybe this health crisis will help each of us to think about our priorities and keep those priorities in check.  I pray for the health and well-being of all who are affected, for those caring for them, and for all of us as we manage this crisis. I pray that each of you will find your faith/belief as the foundation of your life; that as St. Paul tells us “No power in the sky above or in the earth below, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed to us… . (Romans 8:39)  Isaiah 41:10: “Fear not, I am with you.  Be not dismayed, I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you, and uphold you…”