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The PFC’s Corner – December

  • Published
  • By Randy Gerard
  • 139th Airlift Wing

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a safe, wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family and friends!  As the Christmas holiday approaches I wanted to use this month’s article to cover two items that occurred in November that really brings home the services that I offer that are available to you whether full-time or traditional.

For November’s RSD, an additional two days were added to both cover some annual training requirements and on the last day, take a day to relax, reflect and share during a “Tactical Pause”.  Feedback indicates it was a very successful time for Wing members to do just that as your leadership and Resiliency Team worked to provide engaging presentations and safe, relaxing opportunities to quiet our thoughts and where needed, share our concerns or issues.  At the end of the day Tuesday during the Wing All Call members were asked to ponder what caused stress, anxiety, irritations, etc. and then write down what would give a member hope and meaning each day and going forward.  The most prominent response was the success of family and children which I can certainly identify with, but the thing I also noted was that 4 out of the next 8 dealt with finances in one way or another.   What I take away from that observations is that, as your full-time financial counselor, there is a lot I might be able to do in reducing some if not all of the money-related” stress or anxiety.  Confidentially, without cost or threat of a sales pitch I will work to the best of my ability to answer questions, provide a review or even come up with a possible solution.  Give me a call or email me so we can get started, who knows what will result?

Also in November the official “launch date” for the new Financial Readiness Training Requirements of the NDA 2016 occurred.  In this directive-type Memorandum 19-009 14 military life “Touch Points” were designated as required financial training times for all airmen.  Those 14 Touch Points were identified as:

  1. Initial entry training
  2. Arrival at first duty station
  3. Arrival at each subsequent duty station (E-4/O-3 and below)*
  4. Promotion*
  5. TSP vesting*
  6. Continuation pay*
  7. Marriage*
  8. Divorce*
  9. Birth/adoption*
  10. Pre/Post-deployment*
  11. Disabling Sickness/Condition
  12. Leadership training
  13. Career transition (TAP

The Touch Points in bold indicate those that are embedded in existing training (BMT, First Term Airman’s Course, etc.) and those with “*” indicate training available either online in MyVector or in person (A&FRC) which is me.  The purpose of identifying and establishing USAF-specific training in these areas is to keep help increase Readiness, Retention and Satisfaction and reduce finance-related stress.  While the training is new, officially, these are all areas in which I have and will continue to help our Wing’s members maintain their focus and financial readiness.

The implementation and tracking of these Touch Points is under development by leadership so stay tuned and be aware that if you meet any of these Touch Points some follow up with me may result.

Have a Blessed and Wonderful Christmas, and if you are travelling do so safely!

Randy Gerard, 573-415-6934 or 816-236-3939, #6, pfc.rosecrans.ang@zeiders.com.