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180th assists air drop certification at Scott AFB

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  • By 375th Public Affairs Office
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing
A C-130 from the 180th Airlift Squadron, Air National Guard located in St. Joseph, Mo., performed an air drop at Scott AFB's drop zone space designated for dropping personnel and equipment from an aircraft on Dec. 13, 2016. The 180th AS came to support Scott AFB for our first drop, testing the capabilities of the DZ and knocking-out training requirements simultaneously. The 375th Operations Support Squadron created the Drop Zone to increase the readiness of units in and around Scott AFB and any flying or ground units with an interest and requirement. This new capability opens up a multitude of functions that the airfield can provide, making Scott AFB a desired destination for aviators and jumpers across the US and also our foreign coalition partners, such as the Royal Air Force. This first drop is historical for Scott AFB and has outright proven the capabilities of the airfield and the Airmen supporting this new mission. The DZ at Scott AFB is officially open for airdrops to any unit interested in a multifaceted airfield providing premier customer service.