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UCI prep continues

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  • By By Maj. Barb Denny
  • 139th AW

The 139th Airlift Wing's unit compliance inspection (UCI) is fast approaching. The inspection scheduled for January 8-13, 2010 is different than the operational readiness inspection (ORI) completed in October 2008. The ORI tested the unit's ability to operate in a hostile environment. The UCI, while still conducted by many of the same inspector general cadre, will validate how the unit documents its procedures and ensure compliance. 

But like the ORI of last year, members need to remain focused on their area of expertise. Ensuring checklists are completed and paper work is in order is essential to a successful inspection. 

"I have no doubt members of this unit will be ready for the inspection," said Col. Mike Pankau, 139th AW vice commander. 

"Be proactive," said Maj. Ryan Stepp, 139th Plans Officer. "Ask your supervisor what you can do to help. Every Airman's preparation responsibilities are going to be different depending on their job and level of responsibility, but there are things that everyone can do that will benefit the wing immensely. UCI success is rooted in dedicated preparation and attention to detail. I am convinced, based on our months of preparation, that we will be successful. Stay focused and be positive."