139th News

Operation Group evaluated, ‘mission ready’

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. April Bachler
  • 139th Airlift Wing
The 139th Operation Group recently received a "mission ready" status from visiting mobility experts here following a 90-day Aircrew Standardization and Evaluation inspection.

The inspection was performed by a team assigned to Headquarters, Air Mobility Command.

Air Mobility Command requires the inspection every five years, which includes random in-flight evaluations for at least 25 percent of aircrew, written tests for all aircrew and a comprehensive review of individual training levels.

The mission ready status was well received by aircrew, plus inspectors praised three unique tactics for recommended standard procedure in the larger Air Force.

"This inspection validates that we comply with Air Force instructions and that our crew members are trained to appropriate levels," said Newell.

Inspectors examined the Group's flight records and evaluated its ground training and tactics programs. They also inspected the Group's Aviation Resource Management System and looked for proper use of operational risk management.

"The overall goal of the inspection is to ensure that all crew members are qualified and medically fit to fly every time they get on an aircraft," said Newell.

Col. Dave Halter, Group commander, said the evaluation closed the loop on training events and pass/fail processes, which includes safety, proper training, career knowledge and operating limits.

"We look for consistency among our flight crews and methodology," said Halter. "We are confident in our process ... the number one goal is to provide fully trained crews to support the war effort and bring them home safely," said Halter.

"I'm proud of everyone and their hard work," said Newell. "It paid off."