139th News

Coping with Financial Issues of COVID-19 - Part 6

  • Published
  • By Randy Gerard, Personal Financial Counselor

Stay the course! Be vigilant and safe, the next couple of weeks might show some improvement! Here are a few financial strategies of importance since last week.

New Items:

I. CARES Act Update: Hopefully by the time you see this, additional funding should have been passed and signed by the President. The main point I want to make for the 139th regards the PPP and EIDL portions which help small businesses and their employees. Take quick action to apply or re-apply if you were unsuccessful in the initial funding.

II. CARES Act Scams – The hackers and fraudsters are active-PROTECT YOURSELF! Use the link provided to be aware of potential threats to your finances. Call me with any questions! 

III. Identity Theft - Make sure you protect your SSN by filing your taxes (even if there is no income or payment outcome). If you are notified that your SSN has already filed a tax return of you receive other indications that your identity has been compromised (suspicious charges, activity in your accounts, alerts, etc.) immediately use the links below and do the following:
• Go to the credit agencies and put both a fraud alert and a credit freeze on your SSN.
• Run a credit report while on the site and examine for any unknown activity.

Note: During the pandemic all 3 agencies are now allowing weekly report generation through April, 2021. For free FICO scores, contact me.

IV. Military One Source – An excellent military-focused resource with regular updates on COVID-19. Financial, legal, relationships, education and a host of other topics.

V. Job Considerations
Look for industries that are experiencing high demand. A crisis doesn’t hit the economy evenly. Some people are losing their jobs, but other people are working extended hours. Essential services will continue, even in a crisis situation. Here are a few industries where you can start your job search:

  • Medical: Of course, you can’t become a doctor overnight! But clinics and hospitals are undergoing extra stress, and they might be hiring support staff. You could answer phones or file paperwork. Tele-medicine is also a growing industry that could use remote and contract administrative work during this time. Also, many pharmacies are advertising.
  • Grocery: Grocery stores and supermarkets are doing their best to stay open and supplied during the pandemic. They most likely need extra help to stock shelves in order to keep up with demand.
  • Cleaning services: Businesses that are still up and running need to make sure they’re complying with CDC cleaning regulations. Local cleaning companies might be experiencing a surge in demand, so check to see if anyone is hiring.
  • Childcare: Lots of people who are working overtime (like doctors or people in certain government positions) have kids at home who are out of school right now. This gives you an opportunity to help families who need childcare and make some money at the same time.
  • Delivery services: Since most restaurants are doing to-go orders only, there’s probably an increased demand for drivers and fulfillment services. Supply-chain industries and meal kit companies (like HelloFresh or Blue Apron) are going to become essential as people eat out less.
  • Security: Hospitals, government organizations and supermarkets might be increasing security personnel at their organizations to prepare for any type of panic or outbreak. See if there are any opportunities close to you.

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Quote for the Day: “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” - Warren Buffet