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Commander's Corner

  • Published
  • By Col. Ed Black
  • 139th Airlift Wing

“Be Part of Something Bigger” was splashed across my television screen as I watched my favorite football

team, the Kansas City Chiefs, play on a Monday night this fall. This catch phrase was part of our wing’s first
ever television commercial aired during an NFL game. I watched with pride as the images of our wing and our
airmen in action rolled across the screen. In this annual report for fiscal year 2018, I am struck by the truth of
these words. We are all part of a something bigger.

Our Wing’s goals for the last year were simple; we strived to focus on military readiness while executing our
current mission sets, to strengthen our alliances and attract new partners, and to cultivate a culture of rapid and
meaningful innovation. Without hesitation, I consider all of these goals achieved for 2018. Our year has been
very busy with deployments to war zones around the globe, volunteering to assist our fellow Americans after
devastating natural disasters and conducting challenging training. We are continuing that training and making
preparations for the next fight or crisis. Together, we have been successful in building bridges for important
alliances around the world and have strengthened existing relationships with our long-standing partners. Our
culture of innovation is vibrant and alive.

In the coming year we will be excited to see progress on our strategic initiatives. Our fleet of C-130 aircraft
will be upgraded with modern engines, props and avionics that will keep us at the forefront of tomorrow’s
fight. The design of a simulator building is underway and a full-motion simulator will enhance our training for
years to come. The investments in our facilities and infrastructure will pay major dividends as we begin new
construction projects in the next year to modernize our base for the future.

I challenge you to explore the individual accomplishments of our Airmen, the collective achievements of our
squadrons and groups, and to see the great impact that your 139th Airlift Wing has made over the last year to
our state and our nation. I am proud to be “Part of Something Bigger” than myself and am honored to be your
Wing Commander.

Col. Ed Black
Commander, 139th Airlift Wing